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Graduate Courses

List of Graduate Courses in English

Field A. English Language and Literature in Old and Middle English

610, The Literature of England to 1500

710, Introduction to Old English

712, Beowulf

714, Middle English Literature

720, Chaucer:                                       

785, History of the English Language

787, Modern English Grammar

905, Seminar in the English Language:                                     

915, Seminar in Medieval English Literature:                                        

916, Seminar in Chaucer


Field B. British Literature 1500-1800

620, Renaissance English Literature:                                        

630, 17th Century Poetry and Prose

633, Milton

640, British Literature, 1660-1800:                                                              

725, Shakespeare:                                              

730, Topics in Early Modern Literature:                                   

920, Seminar in Renaissance English Literature:                                                  

926, Seminar in Shakespeare

932, Seminar in Milton

940, Seminar in Restoration and 18th Century British Literature:                                               


Field C.  British and Irish Literature post 1800

650, Romantic Literature:                                                                 

655, Victorian Literature:                                                

750, British Literature of the 19th Century:                                            

760, British Literature of the 20th Century:                                            

764, Modern Irish Literature

767, Studies in Modern Drama:                                     (depending on subject)

950, Seminar in 19th Century British Literature:                                

960, Seminar in 20th Century British Literature:                                


Field D. American Literature

767, Studies in Modern Drama:                                     (depending on subject)

774, Topics in the Literatures of Africa and African Diaspora

776, American Literature to 1900:                                              

777, American Literature since 1900:                    

779, U.S. Poetries since 1900

970, Seminar in American Literature:                     

971, Seminar in African-American Literature and Culture:                            


Field E. Composition/Rhetoric and Literary Theory

707, Literary Criticism to 1800

708, Literary Criticism after 1800

709, Critical Theory:  Problems and Principles:                                    

770, Studies in Life Writing:                         

780, Composition Studies

781, Criticism and the Teaching of Literature

880, Topics in Composition Studies & Rhetoric:                                  

885, Writing Center Theory and Administration

904, Seminar in Composition Theory

908, Seminar in Literary Criticism:                                              


Other courses which may appear in different fields, depending on subjects

674, African Literature

690, Studies in                                                       

751, Fiction Writing III

752, Poetry Writing III

753, Writing Workshop

756, Forms: __________

770, Studies in Life Writing:                                           

774, Topics in the Literatures of Africa and African Diaspora

790, Studies in                                                       

896, Internship               

897, Preparation for MA Exam

899, MA Thesis

974, Seminar in the Literatures of Africa & African Diaspora

997, Preparation for the Doctoral Exam

980, Seminar in                                                     

998, Directed Readings

999, Dissertation

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