Graduate Admission

Applying for Admission

  • Application Deadline: January 5, 2022. All materials must be received by the deadline for consideration for Fall semester. The department does not admit new incoming graduate students for Spring semesters.
  • The English Department does not accept applications after January 5, 2022.
  • Early submission of applications for fellowships and graduate teaching assistantship is highly desirable. We urge candidates to submit all their materials early for fellowship to ensure that all materials are complete and received by the January 5th deadline. This includes supplemental items such as letters of recommendation, transcripts, etc. See below for a list of required supplemental materials.
  • The KU English Department no longer requires GRE scores. Applicants may submit GRE scores if they wish, but scores will not have an effect on admissions decisions.
  • The KU English Department will not be admitting any poetry writers for Fall 2022 admission.

In addition to the application itself, please submit the following supplemental materials:

  1. A resumé or curriculum vitae.
  2. A statement of approximately 500 words describing your interests, training, experience (including teaching experience), academic ability, and goals.
  3. Letters of recommendation from three professors. Recommenders are strongly encouraged to submit their letters electronically through ApplyWeb. Paper letters must be submitted on the institution's letterhead, in a sealed envelope, addressed directly to the Graduate Director. Letters should, if possible, speak to potential as a teacher, although they should primarily be focused on academic and scholarly ability.
  4. One transcript or student-generated grade/advising report from each university previously attended. Scanned or electronic copies are acceptable for the application. If you are uncertain what constitutes an appropriate transcript or grade report, please contact the Graduate Academic Advisor, Mary Strickell,  KU requires a minimum GPA of 3.25 for regular admission to the graduate program.
  5. M.A. and Ph.D. applicants in tracks other than creative writing must submit two examples of academic writing. M.F.A. candidates must submit approximately thirty total pages of prose (fiction or nonfiction)--multiple stories or a longer piece are acceptable. Poetry writing candidates should submit approximately fifteen pages of poetry. Screen or Playwriting candidates should submit at least one one-act play. Creative Writing Ph.D. applicants must submit one example of creative writing (prose, poetry, or a one-act play), and one example of academic writing. Academic sample length can vary--between 8 and 20 pages is generally recommended. Please upload writing samples with your online application (preferred).
  6. Send all hard copy materials to: Department of English, Graduate Applications, 1445 Jayhawk Blvd Rm 3001, Lawrence, KS 66045.

Note: The English department accepts all supplemental materials in electronic format, including transcripts and letters of recommendation. Materials may be attached to the application or emailed to the Graduate Academic Advisor, Mary Strickell, If you have questions about submitting materials electronically, please contact the Graduate Academic Advisor, Mary Strickell, 

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