Joshua McKnight

Joshua McKnight
  • Graduate Student

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My research interests include Early Modern British literature, especially drama, “American Renaissance” writers, the History of Reading and the Book, and the frontiers between Literature and Philosophy.

In literary criticism, the likes of Umberto Eco, Lars Engle, and Richard Strier have influenced me heavily, and, together with Cheryl Misak, another two Richards -- Shusterman and J. Bernstein -- have done so in Philosophy. Like them, I also owe much to their intellectual forebears, C. S. Peirce and William James.

Under the direction of Dr. Jonathan Lamb, my dissertation will likely involve a theory of literary value as constructed through reading practices, the transatlantic production of Anglophone literary culture, and a case study of the Beaumont and Fletcher second folio collected by the Morris family of New York now housed at the Spencer Research Library.