Why English, KU English Alumni Tell Their Story

Having a job where I'm paid to read? For me, that's living the dream!

the department's stimulating courses and outstanding professors kept me entranced for four years as I read broadly, honed my interests and dug deeper

Majoring in English at KU instilled in me a love of literature and laid the foundation for my future career in medicine.

Everything I've ever learned about narrative and character is now funneled into shaping my clients' stories...

In English, you explore the human experience and the nuances of all things.

At KU, my experience with Study Abroad programs...opened my eyes to the possibilities of living and working abroad.

My English major gave me both the practical skills I need for my day job and the perseverance I need to do what I love.

There was nothing more important to my intellectual development that wide reading, regular and disciplined writing, and, of course, exploring through this reading and writing ways to unlock the creativity and imagination that looks inside all of us.

having a strong background in creative writing and grammar classes has been invaluable for my career...

As I see it, and English major considers stories to be tremendously powerful and invaluable.

The skills my employers found most valuable are my written communication skills


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