Being an English Major was the most important experience of my life.  While I chose to apply the skills I gained to a career in medicine, the reading, writing, and thinking abilities I gained from my years studying literature, writing papers, arguing texts, spending time with the great minds who came before, have prepared me not only for my career, but for the many challenges life offers.  Effective communication remains central to each of these challenges, whether at home or at work, and while it remains difficult to quantify, I continue to appreciate that the quality of my life, through interactions with co-workers, with patients, with my family and friends - not to mention my ability to read and study great literature, old and new - has remained of a higher caliber than if I had chosen any other educational route.  An English degree prepares one for any career or future direction, equipped with skills both uncommon and desirable, and I remain thankful for my opportunity to grow and garner everything the experience offers through my years of focused study.
-Sean Pauzauskie


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