SAGE: Travel Awards

Each year, SAGE is able to offer limited travel funds to its members to help cover registration and travel to scholarly conferences. Please note that, with the larger awards we'll be giving this year, selection criteria will be somewhat more rigorous than in the past. Exhaustion of resources and SAGE involvement are the primary criteria. If you have any questions about selection criteria, please contact a member of the Travel Awards Committee.

If you are interested, please download and complete both the SAGE application form and the Request for Out-of-State Travel.  Please complete this application and attach a copy of your paper abstract as well as confirmation of paper acceptance. Turn in all three documents to the department mailbox of SAGE Secretary (date TBA).

Updated SAGE Application Forms will become available soon.

Information about other travel funds available at the University of Kansas.

2008-2009 Travel Awards

  • Heather Bastian, "Using the Internet to Re-Imagine the Classroom as a Public Space of Possibility," Watson Conference, October 16-18th, 2008.
  • Keri Behre, "Pregnancy, Consumption, and Bodily Boundaries in Early Modern Drama," Shakespeare Association of America, April 9-11, 2009.
  • Kristen Lillvis, "Perpetuating Culture through the Power of Birth: Ojibwe Women, Men, and the Womb in Louise Erdrich's Tracks," American Literature Association Conference, May 21-24, 2009.

2007-2008 Travel Awards

  • Amy Hume, "No Way to Pen a B'Loon Without Breaking It: Improvisation, Collaboration, and Authorship in Atet A. D.  Twentieth-Century Literature and Culture Conference; Louisville, KY; February 23, 2008.
  • Nathaniel Williams, "Against 'Theologic Determinism': Emerson's Shift on Swedenborg's Science."  Joint Conference of the National Popular Culture and American Culture Associations; San Francisco, CA; March 19-22, 2008.

2006 - 2007 Travel Awards

  • Emily Bobo, "Postcards from Faerieland: Confessions of a Third-Wave Feminist." Nimrod Writer's Workshop; Tulsa, OK; October 21, 2006.
  • Jennie Joiner, "The Compressed Novel: The Short Stories of Edward P. Jones." American Literature Association; Boston, May 24-27, 2007.
  • Angela L. Glover, "Jim Burden, Lost in Space: How Liminality and Temperament Theory Work to Produce a Tragic Ending in Willa Cather's My Antonia." Western Literature Association; Boise, ID; October 25-28, 2006.
  • Alicia Sutliff, "Representing Virginity: Virgins and Power from Shakespeare to Popular Culture." Shakespeare Association of America; San Diego, April 5-7, 2007.
  • Heather Bastian, "Rethinking Identity Through Generic Agency." Conference on College Composition and Communication, New York City; March 21-24, 2007.
  • Katie Egging, "The Real World: Using Pop Culture as a Vehicle for Critical Thinking in the Composition Classroom and Beyond." Southwest and Texas Popular Culture Conference; Albuquerque; February 14-17, 2007.
  • Kristin Bovaird-Abbo, "The Heroic in a Nutshell: Acting Out Waldere to Understand Anglo-Saxon Society." 42nd International Congress on Medieval Studies; May 10-13, 2007.
  • Ann Volin, "The Cutting Edge: Poetry and the Development of Three Civil Rights Leaders." University of Stirling, Scotland Poetry and Politics Conference; July 12-16, 2006.
  • Keri Sanburn Behre, "The Evolution of a Disease Narrative: Plague, Power, and the Politics of Medicine in 17th-Century England." Group for Early Modern Culture Studies; Chicago, IL; Feb. 22-25, 2007.

2005 - 2006 Travel Awards

  • Susan K. Thomas, "Hiding Behind the Harlequin: Homosexuality in Randall Kenan's A Visitation of Spirits." College Language Association; Birmingham, AL; April 5-8 2006.
  • Melissa Bagley, "Nature and Nation in Mrs. Dalloway." 16th Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf; Birmingham, England; June 22-25, 2006.
  • Jennifer Floray Balke, "Redefining the Anchorhold: The Politics of Enclosure in the Twentieth Century." 41st Annual Medieval Congress; May 3-7, 2006.
  • Lisa King, "The Limits of Bakhtin: Applying Western Literary Theory to American Indian Literature." Native American Literature Symposium; April 5-8, 2006.
  • Leslee Friedman, "The Queen/Mother: Mary and Elizabeth Tudoe in Philippa Gregory's The Queen's Fool." Queens and Power; Lincoln, NE; March 23-35, 2006.

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