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Preparation & Placement

Career Prep information (PDF)

Misty Schieberle, Proffesionalization and Jobs Placement Officer


Jacob Herrmann (Literature), Assistant Director, Center for Academic and Professional Communication, Rice University

Casey Keel (Rhet/Comp), Communications Coordinator, Eisterhold Inc.

Alisa Russell (Rhet/Comp), Assistant Professor, Wake Forest University

Leighann Thone (Rhet/Comp), Development Officer, Humanities Kansas


Rachel Linnea Brown (Literature), Assistant Professor, Marian University

Daryl Lynn Dance (Rhet/Comp), Asst Professor, Hampton University

Adam Mills (Creative Writing), Visiting Assistant Professor, Brevard College

Kate Nygren (Literature), Assistant Director for Academic Programs, KU Office of First-Year Experience

Sarah Polo (Rhet/Comp), Assistant Professor, Cottey College

Candice Wuehle (Creative Writing), Lecturer of English, Western Colorado University


Alyse Bensel (Creative Writing, Poetry), Asst Professor, Brevard College

Renee Harris (Literature), Assistant Professor, Lewis & Clark St. College

Kate Nygren (Literature), Assistant Director for Academic Programs, KU Office of First-Year Experience

Brittney Tyler-Millholland (Rhet/Comp), Graduate Academic Advisor, COGA, KU

Shane Wood (Rhet/Comp), Assistant Professor, University of Southern Mississippi


Kris Coffey (Creative Writing), Assistant Professor, Evergreen State College

Will Cunningham (Literature), grantwriter & research analyst, Defy Ventures

Hui Meng (Literature), Assistant Professor, Beijing Foreign Studies Univ.

Angela Murphy (Rhet/Comp), manager of Engagement & Global Education, People to People International

Julie Perino (Rhet/Comp), Assistant Professor, North Carolina Wesleyan

Matthew Smalley (Literature), Assistant Professor, Fort Hays State

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