David J. Miller

David J Miller
  • Graduate Student

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David J. Miller is a poet, editor, and PhD student at the University of Kansas. He is the author most recently of CANT, and the chapbooks FOLD, As Sequence, and Facts & Other Objects. He is also founding editor of Elis Press and SET, a journal of innovative writing. In his time at the University of Kansas, he has worked with the Project on the History of Black Writing, and as staff of the NEH Institute Black Writing After the Black Arts Movement.  Prior to beginning a career as an educator, he served in a supervisory and administrative capacity in higher education Information Technology settings.


20th and 21st Century American literature, Contemporary Poetry and Poetics, Ecopoetics, Literature of the Working Class, Working Class Studies, Composition and Rhetoric, Media Literacy.

Selected Publications

CANT (Black Radish Books, 2015)

FOLD (These Signals, 2018)

As Sequence (These Signals, 2012)

Facts & Other Objects (JR Vansant, 2011)