Mary Jo Reiff

Primary office:
3067 Wescoe Hall


Areas of Research
Writing theory, research, and pedagogy; public rhetoric; audience theory; critical ethnography; rhetorical genre studies.

Selected Publications

Genre and the Performance of Publics (Utah State University Press, Forthcoming 2016). With Anis Bawarshi.

Ecologies of Writing Programs: Profiles of Writing Programs in Context (Parlor Press and WAC Clearinghouse 2015). With Anis Bawarshi, Michelle Ballif, and Christian Weisser.

GenreAn Introduction to History, Theory, Research, and Pedagogy (Parlor Press 2010). With Anis Bawarshi.

Approaches to Audience: An Overview of the Major Perspectives (Parlay Press 2004).

Selected Articles and Chapters
“Written Communication Skills.” Handbooks of Communication Science Series. Verbal Communication. Eds. Louis de Saussure and Andrea Rocci (De Gruyter Mouton 2015).

“Reproducing Genres: Pattern-Related Writing.” Handbook of Writing and Text Production. Eds. Eva-Maria Jakobs and Daniel Perrin (De Gruyter Mouton 2014). With Amy Devitt.

“Taking Up Narratives as Civic Actions: The Genre of the Public Petition.”  Narrative, Rhetoric, Race, and Knowledge. Eds. Beth Boehm, Cynthia Britt, and Debra Journet (Hampton 2011).

“The Spatial Turn in Rhetorical Genre Studies: Intersections of Metaphor and Materiality.”  JAC: A Journal of Rhetoric, Culture and Politics 31.1-2 (2011): 207-24.    

“Tracing Discursive Resources: How Students Use Prior Genre Knowledge to Negotiate New Writing Contexts in First-Year Composition” Written Communication  28.3 (2011): 312-337. With Anis Bawarshi.

“Taking it on the Road: Transferring Knowledge about Rhetoric and Writing across Curricula and Campuses.” Composition Studies 39.2 (2011): 121-44. With Jenn Fishman.

“Taking the High Road: Teaching for Transfer in an FYC Program.” Composition Forum 18 (Summer 2008). With Jenn Fishman.

“Moving Writers, Shaping Motives, Motivating Critique and Change: A Genre Approach to Teaching Writing.”  Relations, Locations, Positions: Composition Theory for Writing Teachers. Eds. Peter Vandenberg, Sue Hum, and Jennifer Clary-Lemon. NCTE: 2006. 157-79.

“Mediating Materiality and Discursivity: Critical Ethnography as Metageneric Learning.” Ethnography Unbound: From Theory Shock to Critical Praxis. Eds. Stephen G. Brown and Sidney I. Dobrin. New York: SUNY, 2004. 35-51.

Faculty Profile
Professor Mary Jo Reiff has published books and articles on audience theory, public rhetoric, rhetorical genre studies and recently completed a co-edited collection on writing programs entitled Ecologies of Writing Programs: Profiles of Writing Programs in Context (Parlor Press 2015). She also co-authored the book Genre: An Introduction to History, Theory, Research, and Pedagogy (Parlor Press, 2010) and has a forthcoming collection co-edited with Anis Bawarshi entitled, Genre and the Performance of Publics (Utah State University Press 2016). Reiff has also published a book on audience, Approaches to Audience: An Overview of the Major Perspectives (2004) and has co-authored textbooks (with Amy Devitt and Anis Bawarshi) entitled Scenes of Writing: Strategies for Composing with Genre (2004) and Rhetoric of Inquiry (2009, with Kirsten Benson). Articles related to her research on writing programs, writing knowledge transfer, audience, critical ethnography, and public genres have appeared in Written Communication, Composition Studies, College English, and JAC. She is currently series co-editor for Reference Guides to Rhetoric and Composition with Parlor Press and Managing Editor for the journal Composition Forum, and serves on the editorial board for the journal Written Communication.


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