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 Ph.D. Literature Track

The Ph.D. degree offers the opportunity for advanced and concentrated research to students who hold an M.A. degree in English or a related field, from KU or elsewhere. With faculty guidance, students admitted to the Ph.D. program may tailor their programs to their research and teaching interests

A GTA appointment includes a tuition waiver for ten semesters plus a competitive stipend. In the first year, GTA appointees teach English 101 (first year composition) and English 102 (a required reading and writing course). Graduate students eventually have the opportunity to teach an introductory course in their field, and opportunities are available for a limited number of advanced GTAs to teach in the summer.

Doctoral Program Profile (PDF)

We do not currently offer any online degrees for the graduate program.


English Graduate Handbook ( PDF of all the information on the English graduate program page)

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