International Applicants

Before you submit your application, there are several matters you should consider carefully. Entering graduate students are expected to have a thorough familiarity with English and/or American literature and also with accepted modes of literary criticism and analysis. Students without adequate background, whose previous work in English has dealt chiefly with learning and translating the language, will find themselves seriously handicapped as they attempt the demanding coursework required for completion of the M.A. or the Ph.D. Further, graduate students must have an effective command of English. This means not only an ability to understand lectures and participate in discussions, but also the necessary skill to write frequent essays and examinations at a sophisticated level.

Most importantly, foreign students must be prepared to finance their education at the University through their own means. Very few foreign students are able to compete successfully for graduate fellowships or teaching assistantships. For this reason, the University requires of all foreign applicants a financial statement affirming that you have adequate resources to underwrite tuition and living expenses while you are here. That amount is currently $15,331.60 per year. A well-prepared student with a bachelor’s degree in English or American literature can expect to study at least a year and a half for the M.A. and considerably longer, of course, for the Ph.D.

In addition to the forms listed for domestic applicants (see Applying for Admission, above), your application must include:

  • Evidence of adequate skill in English, normally TOEFL examination scores of 600 or higher. Additional evidence will be required for those who apply for graduate teaching assistantships. If you do not have sufficient training and skill in English to be admitted as a regular degree-seeking student in the Department of English, you might consider applying as a "special" student in the Applied English Center at this University, a separate program designed to increase foreign student proficiency in the English language through full-time study and practice sessions. Please address inquiries to the Director, Applied English Center, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas 66045, U.S.A.
  • One copy, in English, of official records (transcripts) of all previous university work.
  • A certified bank statement or fellowship award letter, as outlined on the reverse of the application form.

International students are not automatically eligible for English GTAships their first year of study at KU.