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Ecocriticism, Ecopoetics, and Environmental Justice

The pursuit of healthy bodies, quality environments, and social justice are interconnected political, intellectual, and creative projects. This teaching and research cluster explores the ways the environment animates – and is animated by – language, art, theory, and politics. Our work draws on diverse and often intersecting methods, including textual analysis, philosophical inquiry, and embodied critical and creative practices. 
Through coursework, workshops, and mentoring, we offer students at both the undergraduate and graduate level the opportunity to explore their various environmental interests. Students have studied projects that include more familiar literary and critical work, as well as topics like animal studies, technology and posthuman theory, local concerns about food and water, and global conflicts over energy and climate change. While we are eager to support students in their respective inquires into the environmental affairs in studies of literature and language, we believe environmental concerns factor into all disciplines and accordingly welcome students with diverse interests, backgrounds, and levels of expertise.

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