Pritha Prasad

Assistant Professor
Primary office:
3137 Wescoe Hall


Areas of Research


Rhetoric and composition, critical race studies, feminist and queer studies (particularly Black feminisms and queer of color critique), and cultural rhetorics


Faculty Profile


Dr. Prasad’s research explores the ways that social protest rhetorics and movements have historically shaped—and continue to shape—rhetoric and writing studies, English studies, and the humanities more broadly. Her current book manuscript in progress mobilizes Black feminisms, women of color feminisms, and queer of color critique to consider how the heightened visibility of racialized, gendered, and sexualized state-sanctioned violences in the wake of the Ferguson Uprising, #BlackLivesMatter, and Trump demand a critical revision of rhetoric and writing studies’ professional, pedagogical, and scholarly paradigms. Specifically, she investigates constructs of literacy, humanity, embodiment, and history as they emerge through the intersections of sites of knowledge-production (universities/colleges, professional conferences, etc.); racialized and embodied violences in educational spaces (such as instances of police brutality by campus police and/or mass shootings); and resistance acts (i.e. the 2015 Mizzou hunger strike, campus die-ins, and divestment campaigns).


Dr. Prasad earned her BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Arizona, and her MA and PhD in Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy from Ohio State University.


Selected Publications


“Beyond Rights as Recognition: Black Twitter and Posthuman Coalitional Possibilities.” Prose Studies 38.1 (2016)


#BlackLivesMatter: Pasts, Presents, and Futures (collection co-edited with Louis M. Maraj and Sherita V. Roundtree). Prose Studies 41.1 (2019 special issue)


“(Anti)Racist World-Makings in the University: Reinventing Student Work” in Inventing the Discipline: Student Work in Composition Studies, edited by Stacey Waite and Peter W. Moe. (book forthcoming in 2020)

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